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Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping, Nose Job Surgery)

Rhinoplasty Center Mumbai in IndiaRhinoplasty is surgery of the nose with the goal of reshaping or altering its appearance. This surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon and is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. The practice of rhinoplasty or reshaping of the nose has been around for thousands of years, first in ancient India and then during the Roman Empire. There are many reasons why people want nose reshaping or have it altered, some trying to reform the nose after an accident or some just not happy with the way their nose looks now.

Rhinoplasty can increase or decrease the size of your nose, change the angles of your nose or change the size of your nostrils. Finding a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss the ins and outs of a nose job before the procedure is important. The key is to keep in mind that getting rhinoplasty is supposed to be an improvement in your appearance and not to make your face perfect.


Just like most other surgeries, it is best for a patient to be in good shape physically, emotionally and to be at an age where you have stopped growing.Just like any other surgery there is some risk involved with rhinoplasty, whether it is a reaction to anesthesia or other medical complications. There is some risk of scarring after the procedure but most surgeons will have the experience to limit it to very small, almost invisible scars at the base of the nose or scars inside of the nose. The benefits of getting a nose job can be amazing, as your entire appearance can be completely changed and you will have a big boost in confidence.

There is some recovery time associated with rhinoplasty, you will expect to have swelling and bruising around the nasal area after the procedure. Overall recovery time varies but most of the swelling and bruising will disappear within two weeks. Depending on how major or minor the nose reshaping procedure performed was, the recovery time will differ and this is something that needs to be discussed with the plastic surgeon.

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Celebrity Surgeon - Dr. Milan Doshi

Celebrity Surgeon- Dr Milan Doshi

Choosing a certified, professional plastic surgeon can often be the most important step to take when considering rhinoplasty (i.e. nose reshaping). The right rhinoplasty doctor will assist in taking great care throughout the whole procedure and will have many success stories to support their reputation.

Some of the qualifications Dr. Milan  Doshi has achieved include recognition from the official Indian Medical Board and being a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon. He has founded the Allure medspa- Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and is a reputable consultant at a few hospitals, including the Seven Hills Hospital in Andheri. Besides being a member of the ISAPS, he is active with the Indian Medical Association also and the Association of Medical Consultants Mumbai, to name a few.His main goals are to make his patients look and feel great at any age, while enjoy a calm and relaxed atmosphere during their surgical experience… Read more

Best Rhinoplasty Center Mumbai, India

Best Cosmetic Surgery Center- Alluremedspa

Allure medspa is a leading innovative rhinoplasty center that offers everything in the way of cosmetic surgery. When looking to get a nose job, the rhinoplasty hospital is the best private rhinoplasty centre that you can find. Located in Mumbai, India, it has the artistic surgical talent to perform the best Cosmetic Surgery.

With the newest, most advanced technology Allure Medspa is one of the most trusted cosmetic hospitals in the world. Its rhinoplasty centre with its highly skilled surgeons offers the very best procedures and recovery. Before and After your procedure they will be able to answer all of your questions and assist in every detail of your nose reshaping surgery and recovery. With the highly skilled surgeons and teams of nurses, you know that you are in good hands.. Read more

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For an estimate on how much a nose job may price, we recommend that you call Allure medspa on +91 98690 41559 for our latest rhinoplasty cost. For specific information based on your individual needs, we will be happy to arrange a consultation. To speak to a rhinoplasty expert in a consultation, or to find out more about nose reshaping surgery, SO what are you waiting for, Call Allure medspa today. Read more

The aim of Rhinoplasty is a nose that looks natural, blends harmoniously with your other facial features and enhances your self-image. Since the healing process is gradual, you should expect to wait to see the final results. You are likely, however, to begin enjoying your new look fairly soon after surgery. In most cases, the results of Rhinoplasty are permanent, except for possible changes associated with the normal ageing process. Read more

Depending on the extent of your Rhinoplasty and your general physical condition, you should be able to return to work within a week to ten days after surgery. Straining, bending and lifting should be avoided during the early post-operative period. Most normal activities, including some exercise, can usually be resumed within three weeks.Read more. Read more