Twisted Nose Rhinoplasty

Twisted Nose Rhinoplasty

Twisted/ Crooked Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaCrooked Nose Rhinoplasty or Twisted Nose Rhinoplasty as it is frequently called is often a result of a previous injury to the face or more specifically the nasal area. It can also be present because of one side of the face being smaller than the other, thus leading the nose to bend one way. The third reason behind getting crooked nose rhinoplasty is because some patients were just born with an out of shape nose. Also deviated septum can cause the twisted nose effect. One of the most challenging aspect of rhinoplasty, straightening a crooked nose is usually the last part of surgery to take place. Due to the memory in nasal bones and cartilage the trick is to correct the nose without allowing it to go back to its former shape and position.

Twisted Nose Rhinoplasty Procedure

The procedures for twisted nose rhinoplasty usually involve breaking the nasal bone and resetting them in straighter position. If it is a minor realignment, specific surgical tools may be available to lessen the procedure. Also during crooked nose rhinoplasty there is a process of rebuilding the midline by adding or subtracting cartilage, this process known as cartilage grafting is used as a further way of adjusting the appearance of a crooked nose.

Beneficial and Features of Crooked Nose Rhinoplasty

There are many beneficial features for patients that wish to get their nose straightened through twisted nose rhinoplasty. Skilled rhinoplasty surgeons can not only straighten the nose but make it more symmetrical in numerous ways. The goal is to have an end result that the patient is satisfied with every time they look in a mirror. Whether the crooked nose is due to injury or birth, there are many benefits to the straightened nose, since it is the focal point of the face, having twisted nose rhinoplasty allows the face to become more symmetrical and aligned. In some patients when one side of the face is smaller than the other it may be beneficial not to straighten the nose completely because of making one side more prominent than the other, rather some choose to leave the nose a little crooked to offset the differences in the rest of the face.

Rhinoplasty Surgeon- Dr. Milan Doshi

Dr Milan Doshi is a widely accredited cosmetic surgeon that frequently performs crooked nose rhinoplasty. He is based in Mumbai, India and has a well-respected practice in many different types of cosmetic surgery at the Allure medspa. Dr. Doshi’s personalized approach using the latest technology makes his patients relaxed and confident about their new nose or any other cosmetic surgery.

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